Energising & Relaxing Techniques

Want to be able to apply some quick and simple techniques and exercises into your life that easily help you to wake up and focus when the day is trying to wear you out, or to relax and shut down when you’re all a-buzz?

This workshop is for you.

Join me in this 2 hour workshop to have fun learning a handful of super easy ways to perk up your body, wake up your mind and get you through those times of the day when you just don’t quite have the energy or focus.

The 2nd half of the workshop will give you equally easy ways to quieten your mind, relax your body and prepare for calm focus, downtime or sleep.

Each technique takes only seconds or minutes and can be done before getting up or going to sleep, in a lunch break, before a meeting or outing, practically anywhere, anytime you may need that extra boost or moment of time out.

Light refreshments provided. Early Bird Prices and Bring A Friend Discounts available. Contact Jardine Loya on 0417 321 293 or via the form bellow to check when this workshop will be runnung next, find out more or book your place for this fun and very useful workshop. 


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