Mindfulness and Guided meditation sessions

Looking for some space/time out? Are you wanting a little more practice at mindfulness techniques or training your mind to be able to shut down and calm itself a lot more quickly and easily?

These sessions are for you.

During the hour I will take you through a guided meditation practice that will help you shut down from the week that has been and prepare for the coming week ahead.
Coming to the sessions helps to remove you from the work/home environment, allowing you your own safe space, away from interruptions, to be able to really focus on getting back in touch with you and feeling a deep sense of relaxation, calm and full body/mind connection.

Each session will be different and the meditations are designed/ordered to build upon the previous week’s session. You can attend sessions individually as you see fit (prior booking to each session is essential as there is only limited space) or you can book an 8 week bundle at a discounted rate to really receive the benefits of each session as we go along and ensure your booking.

$35 individual sessions

$200 for 8 week program bundle ($25 per session).

Contact Jardine Loya for further information or bookings on 0417 321 293 or via the form below.

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