Health Signs of the Body.

Have you ever wondered “Why do I have ridges or white spots on my fingernails? Why do I keep getting blemishes no matter how many products I use to get rid of them? Why do I have to keep spending money on products to fix my hair and skin? Why am I suddenly loosing more hair than normal or why has it gone brittle? Why can’t I lose weight no matter what? Why do I have to waste time in waiting rooms for every ailment?”

What if, in just 4 hours, you could have most of those problems solved and answers to many more placed right in your hands? This workshop introduces you to many of the common signs our body gives us to let us know when it’s not functioning well. By learning what these signs mean and measures we can take to heal ourselves we can avoid getting sick in the first place and save money on products and practitioners.

There are so many signs our body gives us to indicate health deficiencies. This workshop aims to empower your own ability to take control of yourself and your family’s health by looking at some of the various visual signals our bodies give us to indicate health issues and what to do about it.

Avoid downtime by nipping potential illness in the bud early and save money by being able to treat simple conditions at home. Learn how to quickly recognise when your body systems are not functioning to their best and things you can do to help prevent disease, fix basic conditions and when to get things checked out by a professional health care practitioner.

You will also receive a manual to use as a permanent reference guide for years to come.
Refreshments will be served during break.
Early Bird Prices and Bring A Friend Discounts available.

Contact Complementary Healthcare Practitioner Jardine Loya at Soul Healing Center to find out more information such as dates, times and price of this fantastically useful class. .

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