Natural therapist & Reflexologist – Jardine Loya

Jardine Loya – Natural Therapist and Dip. Reflexologist.

Hi, My name is Jardine and I’ve been working in the healthcare and natural therapies world for nearly 20 years. I’m the founder of Soul Healing Center and Soul Healing Reflexology with a background in multiple natural therapies including Aromatherapy, food as medicine, herbal medicine, Ayurvedic practices, massage, meditation, art therapy, energetic and sound therapy, counseling and health coaching.

All of these skills have come together in combination with my Dip. Reflexology to create Soul Healing Reflexology, a holistic Reflexology practice similar to acupressure, that helps address issues of the body, mind and spirit from multiple angles. Reflexology sessions consist of mainly working the feet but hand reflexology and auriculartherapy (ear reflexology) can also be included. Counseling, mind/body connection and foot reading may also be used to help you explore core reasons for certain ailments that are persistent or other practitioners cannot find the answers for.

Some of my other services include;

  • Aromatherapy. I can create oil blends that are specifically designed for you or your pets to help maintain and support health.
  • Aromatherapy Reflexology massage. Using multiple blends of pure essential oils, your body systems, mind and spirit will be taken through a soothing and replenishing sequence of metabolism balancing, detoxification activation and relaxation, working your whole body through reflex points on your feet.
  • Health and wellness coaching: Personalised one on one programs to help you gain control of illnesses, injuries and health in general by addressing all factors contributing to your pain, fatigue, emtional and physical factors.
  • Workshops and classes that cover health education, myths & truths of natural therapies and personal empowerment.
  • Products such as magnesium lotion, detox patches, aromatherapy jewelry, hand made smudge sticks and more are also available.

I work from either the clinic room at Soul Healing Center in Mornington or I can come to you with my mobile service covering the entire Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas up to Seaford and Cranbourne.


Call or text me on 0417 321 293 or fill in your details below to email me;

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